Action Trackchair STS


The STS suspension model Action Trackchair was introduced to celebrate our 10th anniversary! With a state-of-the-art, torsion-arm suspension system and automatic track tensioning, the STS Trackchair smooths out rough terrain and enhances ride quality.

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The Action Trackchair STS includes the 20-amp battery charger, auxiliary tilt-on-the-fly rocker switch, cushioned arm rests, fixed footrest (adjustable for height), Type I or Type II tracks, rear stability wheels, lap seatbelt, dual-port USB charger, battery charger plug-in port, independent flip-up arms, and a torsion arm suspension system with automatic track tensioning. A variety of upgrades and modifications are available.

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      Take it for a Spin

      Spin the Trackchair to see it from every angle.
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        Dual Armrest Swivel

        See the armrests in action, as they individually lift up and go down for easy transfer and freedom of motion.

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          Forward and Rear Tilt

          Watch the Trackchair tilt forward and back.

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