Action Trackstander TR


The Action Trackstander is the only all-terrain wheelchair on the market with the ability to bring the user into the standing position, and can be driven while standing or sitting! With four different sizes, dozens of color combinations and accessories to choose from, and the ability to make modifications per the user’s needs, the Action Trackstander will be built exactly how you want it!

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The standard features on an Action Trackstander include a four-point harness, tilt-on-the-fly function, 20-amp battery charger, Type I or Type II tracks, a dual-port USB charger, cushioned armrests, flip-up arms, and front/rear stability wheels. A variety of upgrades are available.

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      Take it for a Spin

      Spin the Trackstander to see it from every angle.
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        Forward and Rear Tilting

        Watch the Trackstander tilt forward and back.
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          Armrest Swivel

          See the armrests in action, as they lift up and down in unison for easy transfer and freedom of motion.

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            Rotating Knee Supports

            Watch the knee supports move out of the way for easy transfer into the chair and then move back into position. They can be fully adjusted for height and weight, or completely removed if so desired.
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              Seated to Standing Position

              Watch the Trackstander slowly bring the user into standing position. The user can operate while standing, and stop the standing mechanism at any point along the way.

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