Gun / Tool Holder

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This tool holder has a pair of brackets that are equal in height (about the height of the arm of the chair), and are perfect for transporting a gun, cane, bow & arrow, crutches, or even your slide board. It can be installed on either side or the back of your chair, and removes with ease when not needed.

LED Headlight

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The LED headlight provides ample lighting for navigating at night, while using very minimal battery power to run.

Fishing Rod Holder

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The Action Trackchair Rod Holder is great for the avid fisherman. Offering vertical and horizontal adjustment, the Rod Holder is extremely easy to use. The Rod Holder installs in seconds and can be easily removed when not in use.

Beverage Holder

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The Cup/Beverage Holder is great for holding a beverage if you don’t opt to purchase the Arm Rests with Pockets. Swivels to accommodate for Trackchair arms moving up and down, and adjust in size to accommodate a water bottle.

Attendant Control

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The Action Trackchair Attendant Control is intended for an individual who may not be able to control the chair via the joystick but still wants to get out and about. The Attendant Control allows a separate individual to stand behind the chair and control it. It also makes loading and unloading the chair from a carrier a breeze.

Utility Tray w/ Brackets

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The Utility Tray provides an easily accessible place to set items while on the go. A cell phone, ammunition, or other frequently used items are right at your fingertips. The Utility Tray can be installed and removed in seconds, and only utilizes one of the 1″ receivers on the Trackchair.