Action Trackchair ST

retail price $14,981
starting at   $11,985 
The Action Trackchair, patented for design and functionality, has been the ultimate all-terrain wheelchair since 2009. With dozens of color combinations and accessories, five different sizes, and a variety of modifications available, each Action Trackchair can be customized to fit your needs.

Action Trackchair NT

The NT Trackchair, released in May 2016, is a narrow profile, fully-adjustable Trackchair. With a total frame width of 29.5”, this Trackchair can be loaded into a minivan, fit through most doorways, and maneuver tight spaces. The arms widths can adjust from 14” to 22.5”, and other comfort adjustments are also possible (see specs). All this without sacrificing what an Action Trackchair is all about – getting outdoors and offroad!
starting at   $11,985 
retail price $14,981

Action Trackstander TR

The Action Trackstander is the only all-terrain wheelchair on the market with the ability to bring the user into the standing position, and can be driven while standing or sitting! With four different sizes, dozens of color combinations and accessories to choose from, and the ability to make modifications per the user's needs, the Action Trackstander will be built exactly how you want it! Action Trackstander TR
starting at   $18,335 
retail price $22,918

Action Trackchair PT

The PT model Trackchair has been designed to mimic the adjustability and functionality of the NT model. Like the NT model, the total frame width is only 29.5", allowing for doorway, minivan or similarly narrow access. While perfect for a small stature adult or a child, this Trackchair has all the same power and durability of our standard Trackchairs. The smaller seat, shorter arms and adjustability of the back cushion, seat back location, arm width, arm height and footrest allow for a perfect fit...even as a child grows. Recommended for smaller persons up to 62" tall.
starting at   $11,500 

Action Trackstander NR

The NR model Action Trackstander is perfect for smaller individuals who wish to stand. Like the TR model, it can be driven while standing or sitting! There are many points of adjustability to "grow with a child" as needed, including arm & knee bolsters that adjust fore and aft, plus footrest and back cushion adjustments. With a narrow profile of 29.5" total width, the NR model allows for access into an accessible van and through doorways. Recommended for smaller persons 45" to 65" tall and up to 175 pounds.
starting at   $17,475 
retail price $21,844