You will choose two colors for your Trackchair – a frame color and a seat color. Below are some of the many options, but we will work with you on a custom color also. Custom color costs are variable – we’re happy to get you a quote. If you need a close-up of any color, just ask!

Frame Colors

Black w/ Red Splash

Black w/ White Splash

Digital Camo

Desert Tan

Desert Tan w/ Camo Splash

Hot Lime Green

Hot Lime Green w/ White Splash

Hot Pink (+$265)

Mossy Oak Camo


Orange w/ Black Splash

Patriot Blue

Patriot Blue w/ Red & White Splash

Patriot Blue w/ Red & White Splash

Pink OR Pink Camo


Red w/ White Splash

Super Blue



Seat Colors



Digital Camo

Contoured Black/Camo

Contoured Black/Digital Camo

Contoured All Black

Comfort Company Seating (Black Only)

Available on ST, TR, NT and STSx; standard on Falcon & Eagle

Eagle Trackchair
Comfort company back cushions