Standard TR Features

The standard features on an Action Trackstander include a four-point harness, dual-port USB charger, auxiliary tilt-on-the-fly mechanism, 20-amp battery charger, Type I or Type II tracks, cushioned armrests, padded knee supports, flip-up arms, zinc primer coat, and front/rear stability wheels. A variety of upgrades are available. View the animations below to see some of the standard features in action, including tilting, leg supports, standing and arms lifting!


    Take it for a Spin

    Spin the Trackstander to see it from every angle.


      Rotating Knee Supports

      Watch the knee supports move out of the way for easy transfer into the chair and then move back into position. They can be fully adjusted for height and weight, or completely removed if so desired.


        Forward and Rear Tilting

        Watch the Trackstander tilt forward and back.


          Armrest Swivel

          See the armrests in action, as they lift up and down in unison for easy transfer and freedom of motion.


            Seated to Standing Position

            Watch the Trackstander slowly bring the user into standing position. The user can operate while standing, and stop the standing mechanism at any point along the way.

            Product Animation Tips
            Drag the scrollbars below the product images for an animation demonstration. For products without a bottom scrollbar, simply click and spin the image to rotate the product animation. Click the “” icon for a fullscreen view of any product.

            Model Specifications and Pricing

            ModelSeating WidthSeat DepthTotal Width
            Custom Contoured Seat Upgrade is available on all TR models. Click below on "Seat Color Combinations" to see examples.
            Click Here for Available Frame and Seat Color Combinations

            starting at $18,335

            Retail price: $22,918

            Click here to build your own Trackstander. No commitment, no hassle, just fun.

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            What Our Customers are Saying…

            “Thank you so much for the Trackchair. It gives my husband a chance to get outside with grandchildren and great-granddaughter. May God bless your company and all the people that are blessed with a chair. Thank you.”

            Wife of Herald J.

            “I am not sure of the date when I purchased my Track Chair from you but it is around three years ago or longer. It is a popular cliche to say, “it exceeded all expectations,” but from the heart I can tell you the chair, “exceeded all expectations.” Living on a ranch allows me to use the chair every day for different work task plus the enjoyment of walking the dogs. I use the chair daily in Florida sand and have used it in deep mud. It performs flawlessly. The only maintenance work performed on it is changing the batteries and I installed the larger on board charger. Initially, I had concerns the tracks would wear quickly. After three years of wear in sand, cement, asphalt, and mud there is the only minimal wear. The machine is one of the most durable easy to use products that I have ever owned. Thank you for your time driving down to Florida to show it to me. May God bless you and your family.”

            James D.

            “This has changed my life. I am a 100% disabled veteran. I haven’t fished in 10 years. Now I go every day that there is good weather.”

            Ken R.

            “Philip, thank you for being so kind and helpful in purchasing my Trackchair. It was especially nice that you arranged for me to test drive the unit. On my property in Tennessee, it was really good navigating the logs and woods, with the battery power it is so quiet, I was able to see deer, squirrels, birds and lots of other wildlife up close. I have now moved to the gulf coast and it provides me with easy access to my dock, boat and nature trails. I have been able to plant a garden and fruit trees that I can work from my track chair. Thank you for giving me the freedom to get out and enjoy life even with degenerative arthritis!!!”

            Steve M.

            “Loving the Trackchair. Philip is a wonderful sales rep and person!! Thank you so much! ☺”

            Hunter R.

            “Thank you for the freedom I have been needing for 26 years. Thank you.”

            James S.

            “Doug had so much insight and information and adjusted the speed to exactly how I like it. He also ensured all questions were answered and I was happy and comfortable!”

            Jesse K.

            “When the chair arrived, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face with a brick.”

            Tracy S.

            “Great and nothing could have been done better!! Thank you so much. I love you and everything you do for us! I love my chair. Thank you!”

            Michael K.

            “Great people. Great service. Excited to start my new life knowing I have amazing people to go through it with me!!”

            Jacob G.

            “Chair is such a huge helper for me that even the word AWESOME isn’t good or big enough.”

            William D.

            “This chair is going to allow me and my grandchildren to go to places that we were unable to go to before.”

            Jon F.

            “The chair has given my daughter mobility over our farm and the ability to continue to participate in all aspects of her passion and business, horses.”

            Anne G.
            South Carolina

            “This Trackchair continues to amaze me with the places I am able to go now. I was in the woods in areas where the ground was completely covered in loose rocks on pretty steep hills. I was also in some pretty thick brush. It has not failed me yet. My Mother, nephews and I enjoyed the TrackChair in the snow. Hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks again for the independence you help bring to so many people! I was able to get out and do some photography in the snow for the first time!”

            Brad U.

            “My husband Matthew was injured back in 2006 while serving his third tour. He lost his left leg and severely injured his right leg. Matthew loves to hunt and fish as well as just spend his time in the woods however due to his injuries Matthew was limited to what he could do. Now Matthew can do what he loves without so many limit’s with his new Trackchair. Thank you to all who made this possible for my husband. We are so very grateful and thank you Mark Grehlinger for being so kind to my husband and showing him everything about the Trackchair.”

            Marjorie P.

            “I’ve gone places in my Trackchair I never thought was possible. I love it!”

            Matt A.

            “The chair is wonderful. It gives my son a chance to get off the pavement. Thank you for building such a wonderful product! It made my son’s life better.”

            Ralph A.

            “This chair is awesome. We have been to the beach several times. We built a garden bed up high so that I can tend to my veggies while standing in the Trackchair! It has changed our lives! Thank you so much.”

            Thomas N.

            “Our experience with Carlson Mobility was outstanding! They went above and beyond to help us! Steve absolutely loves his chair. We can’t thank you enough for building a chair for all the outdoorsmen. His life has greatly improved just because of this chair. Thank you.”

            Steve & Jackie S.

            “It’s perfect! The Carlsons were incredible to me.  Thankfully, that’s all they sell because I would blow everything with them!  🙂  Too bad everybody can’t run their business like they do!”

            Ed F.

            “This chair is a blessing.  It helps me go fish and [do] other odd jobs.  Thanks a lot! God bless.”

            Frank A.

            “This chair is life changing.  I am able to take walks with my wife and dog. We are planning a beach trip soon.  I haven’t been to the beach since 1987.”

            Mike B.

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